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Java SDK

Version 1.62.05, built on 2021-06-03 at 00:05 UTC

The Java SDK is a messaging library that can be used to send SMS and Voice messages from Java messaging applications. It can be used in any environment that runs java such as Android, Windows, and Linux.

The Java SDK library was built with JDK 8. This means that applications using Java version 8 and above can use our Java messaging SDK to integrate our gateway in their applications.

Download Java SDK 1.62.05 (JDK 8 Build)

.NET Framework SDK

Our .NET framework SDK is a messaging SDK that can also be used to send messages from .NET applications as well as VB and VBA applications like Microsoft Excel, Access, and Outlook through the COM interface. It is designed to support a wide array of windows applications written in any of the .NET languages such as C#, F#, VB.NET, C++/CLI, etc.

The .NET framework messaging SDK targets .NET Framework 4.0 and should be compatible with higher .NET Framework versions.

.NET Standard SDK

Version 1.64.08, built on 2021-08-10 at 16:11 UTC

The .NET Standard messaging SDK is a cross-platform solution to messaging with our .NET messaging SDK using the same codebase from the .NET Framework messaging SDK to target multiple environments such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, and other environments in which .NET Standard specification is supported.

This messaging SDK can also be used in VB and VBA applications like Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook as well as custom applications developed in VB or VBA.

The minimum version required to use this SDK is Version 2.0 of the .NET Standard specification. For details about the minimum .NET implementation of .NET Standard 2.0, see the .NET Implementation Support for the .NET Standard 2.0 specification.


Version 1.65.12, built on 2021-12-16 at 20:46 UTC

Use our PHP messaging SDK to send SMS and Voice messages from PHP applications. The minimum PHP version required for using the SDK is PHP 5.3. JSON and cURL extensions are required for using the SDK in PHP applications.

Download PHP Messaging SDK 1.65.12